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What are solar water pumps and what are their advantages?

Solar water pump, also known as photovoltaic water pump. As the name suggests, solar energy pump is a kind of use of solar energy, light energy this everywhere desirable energy as a power pump, this kind of pump with maintenance workload can be reduced to a minimum, is a set of economic, environmental protection as one of the pump.
A solar water pump system consists of a photovoltaic array, a photovoltaic controller or an inverter, a motor, a water pump, a water tower or other water storage facilities. According to the motor drive can be divided into AC asynchronous motor drive water pump, DC permanent magnet brushless motor drive water pump. According to the size of the pump can be divided into conventional solar water pump and micro solar water pump.

Ac induction motor drives the water pump
The AC asynchronous motor drives the water pump with a large power. In the photovoltaic water pump system with a power greater than 10KW, the AC asynchronous motor is used as the driving motor, and the asynchronous motor usually uses wet sheathing winding. The efficiency is usually lower than that of the brushless DC permanent magnet motor of the same power. But the structure is relatively simple, the production cost is also low. The driving control core of the water pump driven by AC asynchronous motor is a special variable frequency and control integrated power supply. In essence, the variable frequency technology, the photovoltaic array maximum power point tracking technology and the necessary protection measures are concentrated in the same controller. With good stability, compact structure, motor voltage level can be selected according to array configuration, low manufacturing cost.

Dc permanent magnet brushless motor drives the water pump
Dc permanent magnet brushless motor drive water pump has the advantages of good mechanical characteristics, wide speed range, large starting torque, high operating efficiency, simple control and so on. The disadvantages are relatively low reliability and frequent maintenance. What are the advantages of solar water pumps?

1. Reliable, solar photovoltaic power supplies rarely use moving parts, reliable work.

2. Safe, quiet and noiseless.

3 Environmental protection, does not produce any solid, liquid, gas and other harmful substances, make it more widely used.

4. Simple installation and maintenance, low operation and maintenance cost, high reliability, suitable for unattended. Micro DC solar water pumps require little maintenance.

5. Good compatibility, photovoltaic power generation can be used together with other energy sources. Can also be based on the actual capacity.

6. High degree of standardization, free components can be connected in series or parallel to meet different usage scenarios.

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