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The introduction of DC brushless solar pump

The DC brushless solar pump means that the water pump is powered by direct current, the common ones are 6V, 12V, 24V direct current to work, and the motor of the water pump is a DC brushless solar pump. The meaning of the DC brushless solar pump is different from the traditional motor. The traditional motor has a brush. The contact between the carbon brush and the electromagnetic coil is used to change the direction of the magnetic field of the motor. After a long time, the carbon brush and the coil are out of contact, and the motor cannot work. . The DC brushless solar pump uses the electronic induction element on the control board to sense the commutation, and does not need the contact of the carbon brush, thus avoiding the contact wear of the carbon brush, which can greatly improve the service life and working life of the motor.

The DC brushless solar pump is characterized by a long service life, which can reach more than 20,000 hours, stable and reliable operation, no maintenance, high efficiency, and low working noise.

DC brushless solar pump

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