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Brushless DC solar pump working principle and application details

Brushless DC solar pump  with low interference. Because the configuration is brushless motor, so it does not like the brush motor will produce clutter pollution power supply, interference nearby electronic components. Brushless DC solar pump does not interfere with the control circuit. Its interference is even less than our brushless motor's low interference specialty, and the bit cost is lower.

Long life of Brushless DC solar pump. Because the configuration is brushless motor, so the life of Brushless DC solar pump is greatly extended, longer than our long life special products with brush motor, and the price is also cheaper than the products. According to the principle of "simultaneous life design", we have made significant improvements to many parts of the pump, with the purpose of increasing the pump life.

Brushless DC solar pump has self-protection function. With overheat protection, when the ambient temperature is unexpectedly too high, the electricity will automatically stop running; With overload protection, when the pump is accidentally stuck motor will automatically stop. In the pump work accident, it can protect itself, not burn, damage.

Dc Brushless Solar Pump
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