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Introduction of Dc Solar Pump

Dc solar pump has been widely used in motion control system for its advantages of good mechanical characteristics, wide speed range, large starting torque, high operation efficiency, simple control, etc., but its brush and commutator also bring low reliability, need regular maintenance and other weaknesses. In the past 20 years, with the rapid development of high-power switching devices, analog and digital integrated circuits, computer technology and high-performance magnetic materials, brushless DC motor using the principle of electronic commutation has also been developed rapidly. Dc solar pump has been rapidly expanded from the initial application of aerospace, military facilities to industrial and civil fields, the use of an increasingly wide range. Small power brushless DC solar pump has been widely used in computer peripherals, office automation and audio and television equipment, and in some power transmission systems, its application is also more and more widely.
Brushless DC solar pump has been used as a driving motor in photovoltaic water pump system for several years. This is because of the high efficiency of this motor, which is not easy to achieve in general AC motors. It is expected to greatly reduce the consumption of relatively expensive solar cells, and has significant economy.
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